Cherish Life series: Nip in the Bud

Cherish Life series: Pride (1)


Whats’s family?

Everyone can define this simple term but only on a ‘linguistic’ level.

Generally we fail to identify the true nature of a family. We flunk to realize the fact that it is more of a psychological bond than just a physical one. To avoid its collapse, it is imperative for all of us to exercise our emotional intelligence.

In the contemporary era, we can clearly come across a good number of dysfunctional families. They are malfunctioning because the emotions and thoughts of the family members are unregulated. Demand for quality values are high but their supply is scarce. The sole reason behind this is that we are unwilling to render quality emotions. The red spot that forbids the production of standard values and ethics is: Pride.

Now ‘pride’ might mirror itself to be a useless emotion but it is not worthy of being trusted. It is hideous and has the potency to tear down relationships. We must understand that this unclean emotion should not control us but actually the things should be the other way round.

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