If you desire reverence: Earn it

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I have come across a good number of folks who carry the typical slogan of ‘RESPECT ME !” It is surprising to know that some people desire to acquire this cherished gift with almost cipher intention to pay it back. They seem to be totally oblivious of the fact that this gift can be received only when it is lent ‘genuinely’.

To ‘Respect’ someone is a conscious and a sensible decision that a person makes. It isn’t some wavy feeling that will fleet away like a fish in the tides of time. Reverence is ‘constant’ and that is why it is a ‘conscious decision’.

We must learn this harsh truth that we can never become the possessors of this beloved asset if we do not encompass the same for ourselves as well as for the others.

Do consider this before you demand respect out of someone.


A journey from death to life …

This is not just a book but ‘Life’

Life has never been easy for me at such a tender age. My formative years were wrapped by a dark cloud of miseries that never flunked to play the melancholic strings of despondency and death.

Born in an affluent Punjabi family residing in Amritsar, Punjab, India, I, Prerna Uppal, never imagined the series of devastating events that fate had in store for me. How could I have even understood the concept of generational curses? I was only into dolls and balls, oblivious that I don’t have a father. Unaware of the fact that a cancerous tumour had already consumed him. I was still a baby to realize the crude reality. I was blinded to the fact that the history was about to repeat itself.

My mother has been the greatest motivator and the nucleus of my life until that dread date arrived.

My mother was feeling down as her health had stopped supporting her. To discover the culprit, we got a check-up done, only to discover that the disease, which had once engulfed my father, was out on a hunt for my mother. We all were devastated but for me, it was no less than the news of an impending disaster.

Amidst all this chaos and depression, a ray of hope came to us: a messenger of God who preached The Gospel of the True God to us. My mother, brother and I believed the Gospel and accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour. The healing power of The LORD JESUS CHRIST touched my mother, to our surprise. She regained her health and was bright and beautiful. The doctors were flabbergasted and had no explanation for this. I was dumbstruck, beyond words. Couldn’t believe that miracles do happen in this scientific world. The revised test reports showed no signs of cancer as The True God: The LORD JESUS CHRIST had taken it away, already.

We received Eternal Life through Jesus Christ. I believe that this horrendous incident came about so that we could accept Life: Jesus Christ. Death has lost its hold over us and now we are free from all the generational curses and are guarded by HIS Holy Blood. Hallelujah.

Prerna Uppal

Amritsar, India