Cherish Life series: Nip in the Bud

Cherish Life series: Pride (1)


Whats’s family?

Everyone can define this simple term but only on a ‘linguistic’ level.

Generally we fail to identify the true nature of a family. We flunk to realize the fact that it is more of a psychological bond than just a physical one. To avoid its collapse, it is imperative for all of us to exercise our emotional intelligence.

In the contemporary era, we can clearly come across a good number of dysfunctional families. They are malfunctioning because the emotions and thoughts of the family members are unregulated. Demand for quality values are high but their supply is scarce. The sole reason behind this is that we are unwilling to render quality emotions. The red spot that forbids the production of standard values and ethics is: Pride.

Now ‘pride’ might mirror itself to be a useless emotion but it is not worthy of being trusted. It is hideous and has the potency to tear down relationships. We must understand that this unclean emotion should not control us but actually the things should be the other way round.

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Alovili: A ray of hope :)

To Alovili, with love :)
Alovili, though we are miles apart but it hardly took us any time to get those heartstrings attached. This website , as mentioned earlier, would never have functioned effectively without your assistance. I was on a lookout for an amazing graphic designer and i got one in the form of my sister in Christ. The help that came from your end was totally unexpected. All Glory to our LORD JESUS CHRIST. I must say that you encompass astounding graphic designing skills and as far as your heart is concerned, you are a stupendous person ! For me, you are my younger sister and an outstanding one. 

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Loads of love



A journey from death to life …

This is not just a book but ‘Life’

Life has never been easy for me at such a tender age. My formative years were wrapped by a dark cloud of miseries that never flunked to play the melancholic strings of despondency and death.

Born in an affluent Punjabi family residing in Amritsar, Punjab, India, I, Prerna Uppal, never imagined the series of devastating events that fate had in store for me. How could I have even understood the concept of generational curses? I was only into dolls and balls, oblivious that I don’t have a father. Unaware of the fact that a cancerous tumour had already consumed him. I was still a baby to realize the crude reality. I was blinded to the fact that the history was about to repeat itself.

My mother has been the greatest motivator and the nucleus of my life until that dread date arrived.

My mother was feeling down as her health had stopped supporting her. To discover the culprit, we got a check-up done, only to discover that the disease, which had once engulfed my father, was out on a hunt for my mother. We all were devastated but for me, it was no less than the news of an impending disaster.

Amidst all this chaos and depression, a ray of hope came to us: a messenger of God who preached The Gospel of the True God to us. My mother, brother and I believed the Gospel and accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour. The healing power of The LORD JESUS CHRIST touched my mother, to our surprise. She regained her health and was bright and beautiful. The doctors were flabbergasted and had no explanation for this. I was dumbstruck, beyond words. Couldn’t believe that miracles do happen in this scientific world. The revised test reports showed no signs of cancer as The True God: The LORD JESUS CHRIST had taken it away, already.

We received Eternal Life through Jesus Christ. I believe that this horrendous incident came about so that we could accept Life: Jesus Christ. Death has lost its hold over us and now we are free from all the generational curses and are guarded by HIS Holy Blood. Hallelujah.

Prerna Uppal

Amritsar, India


Extra Fries


With the suicide rates spiking up during this pandemic, I feel a gush of melancholic hormones within me. Life, a beautiful and an unexplored territory, is hard to acquire. I wish people were more sensitive towards others and assist the ones in need.

Today, we are so busy with our own lives that we have turned into parsimonious beings. ‘Love’ has been confined to ‘couples’ and ‘family’. I’m not condemning this fact but simply wish to put forth the idea that ‘Love’ is a selfless emotion and that we need to hunt for it’s ‘genuine’ meaning.

Love is a selfless emotion that could make anyone cherish his/her life.

Join me in this series as I take one step at a time towards the methodology of cherishing life and making others cherish theirs.